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mbi's Journal

Megakat Bureau of Investigation (MBI/SK RPG)
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Megalomaniacs. Mad scientists. The terminally insane. Low budget. Are you in?
The RPG gets together Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings around 9:00PM EST. The afternoon RPGs meet on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm EST.

The Megakat Bureau of Investigation RPG is based off of the show SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Currently in its 11th year, the MBI maintains the feel of the show as a sort of 'spin off' or 'continuation' from where the series left off.

Who's Who:



The Website Guru That Blew Away Momma's Socks:

"If you want to control everything and always have your way, go write fics. Roleplaying is a group activity, and everyone counts, not just the players who whine the most."
by laele75


This RPG is strictly PG(K+) rated and we mean to keep it that way. If you don't like the rules of no cussing, referring to sexual situations, extreme violence or any other type of situation that goes beyond the rating, then this place isn't for you. Check the MBI's website here for more information on rules in the FAQ section.

Character Live Journals

All characters are copyrighted their owners save for the canon character cast. Do not use without prior permission from said owners.

The MBI is in affiliation with The Neo SWAT Kats: an ArtPG.
Note: The NSK ArtPG is rated PG-13 for Adult Content and Adult Language.